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Will College Students and Parents Get Squeezed in the New Tax Bill?

Hold on to your hats because the federal tax bills being debated in Congress may kick up a storm of higher costs for college students, their parents, and those carrying student loans.

The House bill, already passed, poses a far greater risk than the Senate version, because it eliminates almost all existing tax breaks designed to provide some relief from the costs of higher education. In fact, the elimination of higher education tax benefits in the House bill is expected to cost students and parents already struggling to afford college $65 billion over ten years. The Senate bill has not been voted on yet, and in its current form, is less severe.

Here’s what you need to know.

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Your EFC: What It Is, How It’s Calculated, and Why It Matters

As families start to dip their toes into the murky waters of the college application process, there’s one thing that’s crystal clear—college is very expensive and getting more expensive every year. A family’s best safeguard against being pulled underwater by college costs is to become fully educated about the college financial aid system.

That education starts with an understanding of a special number, EFC, or Expected Family Contribution, a measure of what a family can contribute toward college costs each year. EFC is the base of your need-based financial aid package. 

Financial Need at a college is determined by this simple equation:

COA (Cost of Attendance) – Your EFC = Your Need

If your EFC is less than the COA, you qualify for need-based financial aid (grants, student loans, and work-study). The lower your EFC, the more need-based aid you qualify for.

Your EFC is generated through an analysis of parent and student income and assets as reported on the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Any family wishing to be considered for need-based financial aid must fill out and submit the FAFSA each year.

Most families are stunned when they see their EFC for the first time because they feel it’s much too high—that it would be impossible for them to contribute that much money every year toward college costs. And, in fact, they’re right. Today, the EFC actually reflects a combination of what you can pay now and what you can borrow and pay over time.

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Make the Most of Your College Visit

How to Make Your College Visit Really Count

Choosing the colleges you want to apply to is exciting! Your research brings to light opportunities, experiences, and a world of possibilities open to you at different colleges and universities. As you begin to whittle down your choices, consider how your college visit can significantly enhance your research.

Why Visit?

College visits let you see and feel for yourself what it might be like to live there. You gain information and insight you simply can’t get from brochures or websites. And, if you decide to apply to a school you have visited, your initiative demonstrates to the school that yours is a serious request for admission, and it may tip the scales in your favor (particularly if you have interviewed or spoken directly with admissions counselors, coaches, or professors).  

Get Your Visit Right!

College visits require an investment, sometimes a significant investment, of time, money and effort. So, make the experience worth your while! Follow this checklist to be sure you get the most out of your college visit.

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Get the Best College Recommendation Letters

3 Keys to Amazing College Recommendation Letters!

Letters of recommendation are an important piece of the application for colleges that require them. The best college recommendation letters provide valuable insight into you as a student and person. They validate from an outside perspective that you have excelled in some way – demonstrated exceptional commitment, reached high levels of achievement, exhibited great character, shown generosity of spirit, or worked well with other people. An effective letter of recommendation might tip the scales in your favor for an acceptance or even greater financial aid.

Follow these 3 simple guidelines to get letters of recommendation that really make a difference:

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Ace Your College Interview!

Four Steps to a Successful College Interview

The college admissions interview is a tremendous opportunity! Interviews add color and depth to the basic facts of your application. They allow you to ask questions that will help you decide if that college is right for you. It is a chance for you to set yourself apart from other applicants. With the right preparation, you can ace your college interview and tip the scales of acceptance in your favor.

Interviews are sometimes required as part of the application process, optional for interested students, or not offered at all.  An interview may seem intimidating but it is not meant to make you feel uncomfortable. Rather, it is meant to facilitate a conversation that helps you and the school learn more about each other.  Interviews almost always work in your favor, and if you have the chance to do an interview at a college of interest, grab it!

Follow these 4 Steps to a get the most out of your college interview:

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