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Applying to college has become madness–complicated, expensive, time-consuming, and super stressful.  It often feels like a high-stakes game of chance that can easily end in disappointing results and stifling debt.

But we have a method to relieve the madness. And it’s simple.

  • Get educated about the entire college admissions process before you even apply to any schools.
  • Understand how the different parts of the process are entangled.
  • Take thoughtful, deliberate action along the way.

We call this Applying with Purpose and it will

  Save you time, money, and heartache in the application process.

✔ Help you end up at a college where you can truly thrive.

✔ Save you thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars in overall college costs.




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On-Demand Video Courses

Get the most important information every college-bound student should know. Our products deliver powerful tools, vital insights, and critical strategies so you can achieve the best results academically, socially, and financially.

  • Clear, comprehensive, and affordable
  • Easy to use and access on any device
  • Presented in bite-sized chunks 
  • Include Companion Workbooks filled with a wealth of electronically-fillable worksheets, information summaries, and handy links and resources
  • Come with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can give us a try with confidence!

Check out Our Courses and see how College Admissions HQ can help you!

Red puzzle piece sitting on nearly finished grey puzzle depicting a good fit for college

Making the Right
College List

Making the Right College List

Learn how to choose colleges that are truly right for you academically, socially, and financially.
View Course Details

9 videos, Companion Workbook, My Profile, Glossary

Hand holding final gear in a series of gears working together to depict putting together an outstanding college application

Completing Outstanding College Applications

Completing Outstanding College Applications

Turn your application into a powerful argument for acceptance so you get noticed.
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9 videos, Companion Workbook, My Profile, Glossary

College mortar board sitting on pile of money depicting college costs and financial aid

Untangling College
Financial Aid

Untangling College
Financial Aid

Navigate college financial aid with confidence and identify strategies to minimize your overall college costs.
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8 videos, Companion Workbook, Glossary

$100 bill as a half-built wall with remaining pieces scattered below to depict piecing together a number of resources to pay for college

Paying for

Paying for College

Stitch together an effective patchwork of college funding that is attuned to your financial resources, needs, and values.
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6 videos, Companion Workbook, Glossary

Flat stones on a seesaw scale showing one side heavier to depict weighing options to pick the best college to attend

Making Your
Final Decision

Making Your
Final Decision

Get the insights you need to help you choose the best college for you to attend.
View Course Details

8 videos, Companion Workbook, Glossary

red pocket knife with all tools opened to depict the complete college admissions prep course

The Complete College Admissions Prep Course

The Complete College Admissions Prep Course

The whole shebang! Save 30% with the five-course bundle and get all the critical information every college-bound student needs to “Apply with Purpose.”
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40 Videos, 5 Companion Workbooks,
My Profile, Glossary

The Complete Set of Companion E-Workbooks

All five Companion E-Workbooks can be purchased as a set, separate from the video courses. Our E-Workbooks are filled with invaluable tools and resources to help any student be successful in the college admissions process. Learn More

Images of all Five companion workbooks offered in the College Admissions HQ courses

My Profile

This unique and powerful E-workbook, included with some courses, can be purchased separately. My Profile is both a comprehensive organizational tool and an insightful guide to discovering what you are really looking for in your college experience.
Learn More

Image of My Profile Companion Workbook offered in some College Admissions HQ courses




Reduce the Element of Chance
Get all the critical information, insights, and guidance you need to get the BEST RESULTS.
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Get into a College that is truly right for you and where you can truly thrive!

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Save THOUSANDS, even TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, reduce stress, and avoid heartache.

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Get unlimited access to all online materials any place, any time, and on any device for one full year.

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Buy with CONFIDENCE! If you do not find our courses helpful, contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

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Quotation-Marks_Optimized Applying for college is a huge undertaking, these days perhaps more so than in the past. It is intimidating for a parent or teen to wade through this process. Better they learn from your website than waste countless hours and money going it alone. Beth F.
Quotation-Marks_Optimized This is an incredible resource! Thank you so much for putting so much useful information in one place.We still have a couple of years before our son will be heading off to college, but it’s never too early to start!Susan M.

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