Our Story

Welcome to College Admissions HQ, where you can learn how to get the college admissions process right.

We first felt the pain  of the college admissions process when our own children went through it. Applying to college is expensive, time-consuming, littered with unreliable information, and feels like a high-stakes game with a good chance of ending in disappointing results and stifling debt. Our frustrations boiled over and sparked a passion.

We became determined to empower parents and students with the tools they need to take control of the college admissions process and achieve much better results. We researched, studied, networked, joined professional organizations, and earned certifications. Although there is an overwhelming amount of college admissions information out there, we discovered that it is presented in a scattered, piecemeal way and essential information and insights are often left out of the conversation.

We sifted out the most important information every college-bound student should know, and developed critical strategies that ensure success.

Our unique solution is simple, and it works! Our online courses provide powerful tools, information, and insights so you can take thoughtful and deliberate action throughout the college application process. We call this “Applying with Purpose,” and it helps you chart your own individual path and achieve the best college admissions results academically, socially, and financially.

We are very proud of the results!

Our Founders

Elizabeth Walter & Debra Thro

Photo of College Admissions HQ co-founders, Elizabeth Walter and Debra Thro

Liz and Deb, friends for nearly 20 years, began learning about the college admissions process through the experiences of their own children and those of their family and friends. As tenacious researchers and determined optimists, they both strongly believe in the power of knowledge—if parents and students just understood what was behind the curtain of the college admissions process, they could avoid the heartache, distress, and financial burden that pulled the rug out from under so many families.

They began as college admissions advisors shepherding individual students, and soon found themselves delivering financial aid presentations to community groups. From there, they created College Admissions HQ in order to give many more people easy, affordable access to critical information that can truly change students’ lives.

Most days Liz and Deb research; attend trainings; write; prepare materials; and keep the machine well-oiled. They are members of PACAC (Pennsylvania Association of College Admission Counseling) and are ASCA (American School Counselor Association) members and Certified College Admissions Specialists.

Liz is largely responsible for delivering our community presentations, updating our Companion Workbooks, and maintaining our website. She holds a PhD in Experimental Pathology from Case Western Reserve University and is a mom of three terrific young adults.

Deb is largely responsible for video production, our outreach and communications, and administrative tasks. She is also a mom of three terrific young adults and holds a BA in Communications and Social Science from the University of South Florida.

Our Courses

The complete menu of College Admissions HQ online courses includes in-depth information on every aspect of the college
admissions process.

Our Courses
  • Clear, comprehensive, and affordable
  • Easy to use and access on any device
  • Presented in bite-sized chunks
  • Include Companion Workbooks filled with a wealth of electronically-fillable worksheets, information summaries, and handy links and resources
  • Come with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can give us a try with confidence!

Our Freebies

Our website offers loads of Free Stuff and a Blog to help you get started on your college admissions education.

You can also watch the Introductory videos for each course for free:

Our Team

Emily Ryan, Web Designer/Developer, Graphic Designer

Jacob Thro, Audio Engineer

Thadd Fillmore, Mobile App Developer

Megan Dimit, Consultant; Certified School Counselor, NY, NJ, PA

Nick Ryan, Consultant; CEO and co-founder Xpogo LLC

Cruise Elroy, Music


Andrew Tucker, Making the Right College List

Lynn Parrish, Orientation, Completing Outstanding College Applications

Colleen Walsh, Untangling College Financial Aid

Mary McCleary Geraci, Paying For College

Michael Garland, Making Your Final Decision

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Our Guarantee

We are confident you will find our courses helpful. But if you are not completely satisfied, Contact Us within 30 days for a full refund.

We Want to Help!

College Admissions HQ is dedicated to helping as many parents and students as possible.
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