Pocket Guide to College Financial Aid

College Financial Aid refers to money from a variety of sources used to help pay college costs. Our 10-page Pocket Guide helps you understand Financial Aid Lingo, Forms, Formulas, and Sources. Get started on your way to navigating college financial aid with confidence! Download PDF

What Do Reach, Match, and Safety REALLY Mean?

A successful list of colleges to apply to is built on realistic expectations of your acceptance into each school. This 18-minute video helps you assess your application the way admissions officers do, and sensibly gauge whether a college of interest is a Reach, Match, or Safety for you. Watch Now

How Colleges Build Financial Aid Packages

Learn the secrets of college financial aid before you apply to college. This 12-minute video shows you how to estimate your likely net price at any college of interest. This understanding will help you develop strategies that can save thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, in overall college costs. Watch Now

Pocket Guide to College Success for Students with Learning Differences

As families start to dip their toes into the murky waters of the college application process, there’s one thing that’s crystal clear—college is very expensive and getting more expensive every year. A family’s best safeguard against being pulled underwater by college costs is to fully understand how the financial aid system works, starting with the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), the number at the root of all your financial aid packages. Download PDF

Understand Net Price

Net Price is the amount of money you are responsible to pay annually towards the cost of attending college. Learn about Net Price, what goes into it, what affects it, and how to calculate it, with our handy infographic. Download PDF

How to Assess Reach, Match, Safety

Reach, Match, and Safety have to do with the likelihood of your acceptance to a college. Learn what these terms mean and how to realistically measure your odds at any college of interest with this useful infographic. Download PDF

Estimate your EFC

EFC is “Expected Family Contribution,” and the minimum amount of money your family is expected to pay each year toward college costs. This infographic provides a snapshot of EFC estimates based on parent income alone. Download PDF

Guide to Making the Most of Your College Fair

College Fairs are a great opportunity to gather information and talk with Admissions Counselors from a wide range of schools. But don’t go to one before checking out our 9 tips to help you make the most of this experience. Download PDF

College Application Expenses Worksheet

Application costs can add up fast, but you can control them with thoughtful planning and budgeting. This worksheet helps you keep track of, and evaluate at a glance, the application expenses you may be facing. Download PDF

Financial Aid Award Comparison Worksheet

Financial aid award letters can look different from each other making it hard to figure out your net price at each school. This worksheet will help you decipher your letters and compare your awards dollar-for-dollar. Download PDF