The Complete College Admissions Prep Course


The Complete College Admissions Prep Course provides the most important information, resources, insights, and guidance every college-bound student needs. You’ll save time and money, reduce stress, and ensure a successful college admissions outcome.

Learn how to wisely choose colleges that are right for you, skillfully craft convincing applications, and nimbly manage those two steps to nab better financial aid. Discover the strategies to reduce overall college costs and the options you have to meet those costs. Finally, learn how to evaluate your options once your college decision letters arrive.

The Complete College Admissions Prep Course includes the materials in all five of our courses including all videos, Companion Workbooks, and My Profile.

Individual Video Courses

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Making the Right College List

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Launch your college admissions journey with a great list of colleges to apply to that are right for YOU. Making the Right College List shows you how to save time and money, reduce stress, and avoid disappointments. Learn how to construct an initial list of colleges that are a good fit for you, gauge your chances of acceptance, carefully compare colleges, estimate costs, and choose the best colleges for you to apply to. This course will increase your chances of finding and getting accepted into amazing colleges where you can truly thrive.

Completing Outstanding
College Applications

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Boost your chances of acceptance with outstanding college applications that get you noticed. Completing Outstanding College Applications shows you how to turn a dry summary of credentials into a strong argument for acceptance. You’ll learn how to deliver a clear message throughout your application, write a truly memorable essay, create a standardized testing strategy that saves time and money and boosts your scores, get the best letters of recommendation possible, and make the most of your college visits, interviews, and outreach.

Untangling College Financial Aid

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Navigate College Financial Aid with Confidence. Untangling College Financial Aid explains all the twists and turns in the process of applying for and getting Financial Aid. Master financial aid lingo, understand the forms you will encounter, uncover all the costs associated with attending college, learn how your financial aid packages are calculated, recognize where your financial aid comes from, discover what you can do to get the best aid possible for your unique situation, and identify strategies you can implement to minimize your overall college costs.

Paying for College

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Examine your options for financing the college costs you are responsible for. Paying for College explains options for borrowing and repaying government and private student loans; cash sources such as Work Study, monthly Tuition Payment Plans, 529s and other College Savings Plans; and Income Tax Credits you may qualify for. You’ll learn how to stitch together an effective patchwork of college funding that is attuned to your financial resources, needs, and values.

Making Your Final Decision

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Successfully complete the college admissions process. Making Your Final Decision explores what to do once your decision letters arrive. We guide you through the disappointing and sometimes devastating Rejection, Waitlist, and Deferral letters you may receive and explain the steps to take in each of these circumstances. Learn how to carefully re-examine the colleges that have accepted you and accurately compare what each college will cost you. You will gain the insights you need to choose the best college for you to attend.


How Colleges Build Financial Aid Packages


Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Learn the secrets of college financial aid before you apply to college. How Colleges Build Financial Aid Packages helps you understand what your financial aid package will include and how you can estimate your likely net price at any college of interest. This understanding will help you develop strategies that can save thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, in overall college costs. This free mini-course reveals critical financial aid information every college bound family should know.

My Profile


This unique and powerful E-Workbook, included with Making the Right College List, Completing Outstanding College Applications, and The Complete College Admissions Prep Course, may also be purchased separately. My Profile is both a comprehensive organizational tool and an insightful guide to discovering what you are really looking for in your college experience. It puts at your fingertips all the information you need to efficiently find the right colleges and submit outstanding college applications.

The Complete Set of Companion E-Workbooks

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The Complete Set of Companion E-Workbooks, included with our video courses, may be purchased separately. Workbooks include electronically-fillable worksheets, links, resources, and information summaries–invaluable tools for evaluating and comparing colleges, organizing your college search and applications, tracking and budgeting application expenses, outlining a testing strategy, ensuring effective college outreach, understanding financial aid, planning for college costs, and weighing your final options.