Unpacking Your Financial Aid Award

8 Clues to Understanding What a College is Really Going to Cost You
Your financial aid package may look satisfactory for your freshman year, but to get an accurate estimate of the TOTAL cost of your 4-year degree, pull out your calculator, call the college’s financial aid office, and get the answers to the following 8 questions. (continue reading)

Are You On the Same Page About College Costs?

8 Essential Money Questions for Every College-Bound Family
There are many exciting things to talk about when you begin the college admissions process, but often left out of college discussions are critical questions about what college actually costs, who is responsible for paying those costs, and what student loan debt really means for the family. (continue reading)

Seven Smart Ways to Save Real Money on College Costs

There are some simple, smart ways you can save real money, even tens of thousands of dollars, in overall college costs. Not every option we offer is right for every family situation; but it is absolutely true that every family can find real savings using at least one of the following seven strategies

Your EFC: What It Is, How It’s Calculated, and Why It Matters

As families start to dip their toes into the murky waters of the college application process, there’s one thing that’s crystal clear—college is very expensive and getting more expensive every year. A family’s best safeguard against being pulled underwater by college costs is to become fully educated about the college financial aid system.

Make the Most of Your College Visit

How to Make Your College Visit Really Count
Choosing the colleges you want to apply to is exciting! Your research brings to light opportunities, experiences, and a world of possibilities open to you at different colleges and universities. As you begin to whittle down your choices, consider how your college visit can significantly enhance your research.

Get the Best College Recommendation Letters

3 Keys to Amazing College Recommendation Letters!
Letters of recommendation are an important piece of the application for colleges that require them. The best college recommendation letters provide valuable insight into you as a student and person.